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GOALS are to build our expertise by:
(1) increasing the difficulty of the blocks as the year goes along and
(2) highlighting a particular skill or technique each month.

General Guidelines & Commentary:
Blocks will not be collected this year. Do what you'd like with your blocks Make a quilt and donate it to one of our projects, give it away as a gift for Christmas or another occasion or keep it for yourself. It is your choice.

Each month bring your block to the guild meeting and add it to the display of blocks so we can all see the eye candy. The monthly deadline will also help you complete this project by the end of the year.

The full sampler with consist of 12 blocks given out December 2015 - November 2016. Instructions for the setting and borders will also be provided in November 2016 to provide you time to finish your quilt before the end of the year.

Fabric requirements will be provided for each block (if you are doing scrappy) and the yardage for the full quilt (if you want to use a collection).

Instructions will be provided for 3", 6", 9", 12" and 15" finished blocks. Full quilts using the provided setting will be:

14" x 17-1/2" for 3" blocks - this would be quite challenging
27-1/2" x 34-1/2" for 6" blocks - nice wall hanging
41" x 51-1/2"" for 9" blocks - small lap or crib quilt
54-1/2" x 68-1/2" for 12" blocks - lap quilt
68" x 85-1/2" for 15" blocks - twin bed quilt

   Or use more or fewer blocks, for example:
Nine 9" blocks would be 41" x 41" - wheelchair quilt
Twenty-four 6" blocks would be 34-1/2" x 48-1/2" - small lap or crib quilt
Twenty 12" blocks would be 68-1/2" x 82-1/2" - twin bed quilt
Nine 12" blocks would be 54-1/2" x 54-1/2" - lap quilt
Four 6" blocks would be 20-1/2" x 20-1/2" - wallhanging

Diagrams will be shown in gray tones. You will need to pick your own color scheme.

The gray tones will give you an idea of the placement for dark, medium and light value fabrics.

Color samples and other settings will be posted on the website.

Have fun and enjoy the year's journey.

Either Bonny or Jan (or both) will be at each Open Sew to answer any questions. They are both also available via phone or email to assist.
A step-out display will be available for each block at both guild meetings and Open Sews.

Bonny Peters & Jan Kenyon

Schedule of blocks and skill/technique:

Due in JAN. --- Log Cabin -- accurate 1/4" seam

Due in FEB --
Three by Two-- strip sets

Due in MAR --
Spools -- snowballing corners

Due in APR --
Shoofly -- half-square triangles

Due in MAY --
Twin Star -- quarter-square triangles

Due in JUNE --
Card Trick -- y-block (not the same as y-seam)

Due in JULY --
Dutchman's Puzzle -- flying geese

Due in AUG --
Monkey Wrench -- square in a square

Due in SEPT --
Double Pinwheel -- half square triangles

Due in OCT --
True Lover's Knot -- three-dimensional

Due in NOV. --French Silk Pie -- half square triangles, flying geese & cat's cradle

Due in DEC -- An Album Block, sashing & borders

Finishing Directions

 Fabric Requirements for Full Quilt
(Assumes borders are pieced.)

 Block Size

Project size

 3" blocks

14 X 17 1/2

  6" blocks

27 1/2 X 34 1/2

  9" blocks

41 X 51 1/2

 12" blocks

54 1/2 X 68 1/2

  15" blocks

68 X 85 1/2


 1/4 yd

 1/2 yd

 5/8 yd

 1 yd

 1 1/2 yd


 1/8 yd

 1/4 yd

 1/2 yd

 5/8 yd

 7/8 yd


 1/8 yd

 3/8 yd

 5/8 yd

 3/4 yd

 1 1/4 yd


1/4 yd

 1/2 yd

 3/4 yd

 1 1/4 yd

 1 7/8 yd


 1/4 yd

 5/8 yd

 1 1/8 yd

 1 7/8 yd

 2 3/8 yd

These fabric requirements are estimates. You may want to get a little extra to allow for practice. Additional fabric will be needed for binding and backing.

Copyright by Cat Den Mountain Quilts - used by permission

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